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Independence and Interdependence. Our Reflections topic for July 24th will be thinking together about the opposing concepts of personal independence and our concomitant needs for interdependence. Both of these concepts have application to many realms of human life (citizenry, social interactions, politics, as well as religion, and the arts) and where these two spectra overlap will be discussed. Also one’s views about how the overemphasis of one concept over the other can have social, environmental, economic, global consequences.

While researching this topic, I discovered that there are TWO separate and different “Interdependence Days” celebrated over the globe. One is on September 12th each year, and its founding cause was, of course, our 9/11 national tragedy. The other one, celebrated on July 5th, I presume is meant to counter our national holiday on the previous day.

Join us for pot-luck lunch at Schera & Ted’s home BEGINNING AT 1:00 pm. Bring a bottle, dish, bag or box to share with us before our dialogue begins.

Address: 9219 George Williams Road, 37922; phone: 865.690.8742 for directions.

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Posted by schadwick
July 21, 2011