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Reflections Meeting on Sunday, May 22, 2011, from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. Bring a bag, box, bottle, or dish and join us for potluck starting at 1:00 pm followed by a circle dialog on the subject below.

Today we will concentrate on the meanings of widely-used words and concepts which we frequently take for granted. Many of which have vague, reified, misleading or multiple definitions. An example is the word "free." What does "free" mean? Consider "free market, freedom, free will, born free", etc., and consider in what a wide range of meanings the word is used. What limits actually exist with respect to "free." How free is "free"?

"Love" is another word that has a multitude of meanings, many of which are quite different. Another example of multiple and even contradictory meanings is a word such as "faith."

Some words and concepts are reifications, i.e., abstractions representing a physical reality. For example, "the invisible hand." "Freedom" could also fall into this category.

We will discuss these words and concepts, and any others that might be bugging you. Join us at Aleta and Carl Ledendecker's home, 2123 Stonybrook Road, Louisville, TN 37777. Call 982.8687 for directions.

Posted by schadwick
May 19, 2011