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Reflections on Immigration
Reflections on Immigration Sunday November 28th, 2010 4 to 6 pm

Except for Native Americans, we are all descended from immigrants - Immigrants who have not only provided labor for a growing economy but also given the US a distinctly unique social and political culture. The process continues to this day but not without increasingly complex and numerous difficulties for all involved.

Bring a dish, a box, or just yourself and JOIN US at Schera & Ted's home, 9219 George Williams Road, in West Knoxville (37922). Call 865.690.8742 for directions.

• Which aspects of the problems with our immigration system today are most important to you personally?
• Do states have the right to make laws when the Federal ones go unenforced? How many of us are aware of the Nashville-based CCA's (Corrections Corporation of America) role in crafting the Arizona legislation via ALEC (American Legislative Council) - an association of state legislators and private sector firms?
• How do the public expenditures (schools, hospitals, law enforcement, incarceration, etc.) increase the entrenched attitude many have against, particularly, Mexican immigration?
• How is immigration changing the face of Tennessee communities, labor force, schools, attitudes, and politics?
• Have you ever known an immigrant personally and how did that experience affect your opinion of immigration issues?
• How many of us are familiar with the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and its work with the TN legislature?

Posted by schadwick
Nov. 26, 2010