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Reflections on Immigration
Reflections on Immigration Sunday November 28th, 2010 4 to 6 pm

Except for Native Americans, we are all descended from immigrants - Immigrants who have not only provided labor for a growing economy but also given the US a distinctly unique social and political culture. The process continues to this day but not without increasingly complex and numerous difficulties for all involved.

Bring a dish, a box, or just yourself and JOIN US at Schera & Ted's home, 9219 George Williams Road, in West Knoxville (37922). Call 865.690.8742 for directions.

Which aspects of the problems with our immigration system today are most important to you personally?
Do states have the right to make laws when the Federal ones go unenforced? How many of us are aware of the Nashville-based CCA's (Corrections Corporation of America) role in crafting the Arizona legislation via ALEC (American Legislative Council) - an association of state legislators and private sector firms?
How do the public expenditures (schools, hospitals, law enforcement, incarceration, etc.) increase the entrenched attitude many have against, particularly, Mexican immigration?
How is immigration changing the face of Tennessee communities, labor force, schools, attitudes, and politics?
Have you ever known an immigrant personally and how did that experience affect your opinion of immigration issues?
How many of us are familiar with the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and its work with the TN legislature?

Posted by schadwick
Nov. 26, 2010