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FreeThought on local TV-August 31st
The following message from Larry Rhodes announces the first community tv broadcast by Rationalists, Freethinkers, & Atheists here in Knoxville.

"I just talked to the people at the Community TV station, and we're all set to go on Tuesday at 5:30 PM. i.e. August 31st. This will be a joint-venture of RET and ASK, so be sure to set your VCR or (more likely) your TiVo, to record it! It's going to be a live call in show, so it should be very interesting (funny and embarrassing, but interesting)!

"Basically, we will state the Atheist position about Church/State separation and that being without "faith" is not a bad thing, etc. And let the callers say the rest. Mostly we'll just react to callers, and hope to keep the attention of the "middle grounders" Also, it's not about just the
Christians or Jews, it's about Free thought, and the fact that believing in unsupported, supernatural claims isn't good for mankind in general. We really just hope to raise awareness in the Knoxville community that Atheism isn't what the church says we are. And that it's Ok to be good without god. (A monumental task in Knoxville, Tennessee). Wish us luck! Larry Rhodes Atheist Meetup Knoxville, TN "

We're hoping that all RET members and friends will be watching and wishing us success on this new outreach venture with ASK (the Atheist Society of Knoxville).

The website for Community TV is: www.ctvknox.org. And they have this to say on their main page about channels...

Programming on CTV can only be seen on cable TV in Knox County, Tennessee.

•All of the programs on CTV can be seen on Comcast Channel 12 and Charter Channel 6.
•Recorded gavel to gavel coverage of local government meetings can be seen on Knology Channel 6.
•Live gavel to gavel coverage of local government meetings can be seen on AT&T U-verse TV Channel 99.

Posted by schadwick
Aug. 26, 2010