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Reflections on June 27th
Reflections on Privacy. There are many aspects of privacy: physical, informational, organizational, personal, spiritual, and intellectual, to name a few. And there is a general acceptance of the human need for privacy as one of our basic human rights.

But have you ever wondered from whence the need for privacy comes?

If we are to become an "Empathic Civilization" as Jeremy Rifkin posits in his latest book, will the need for privacy disappear? How does your own sense of privacy affect your behavior in the electronic world? .. in the business world? .. in your personal life? Are there significant threats to your privacy from governments, corporations, or even your neighbors? Let's discuss our individual concepts of privacy and our own concerns about them in this 21st century.

This meeting will be held at the home of Margaret Klein, 7103 Rotherwood Drive, Knoxville. For directions, call 865.584.4565. Please bring a dish (or just come) and join our dialogue on privacy.

Posted by schadwick
June 08, 2010