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Oct 19 - Dr. Ralph Isler on Fusion Energy
October 19, 2008, Pellissippi State, Cafeteria Annex, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.(come early for coffee and fellowship)

- Our own Ralph Isler will lead a discussion on, "The prospects for Fusion Energy: Will the ITER project lead to power producing fusion reactors?"

- Children's Program: "Celebrating Autumn" - led by Mleeka Learn Houston and Dave Buck

Ralph Isler, PhD spectroscopist and fusion physicist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will be our speaker.

Fusion, the reaction that powers our sun, has big-time potential as a virtually unlimited supply of energy, but it is very difficult to harness the energy released when atoms fuse together (unlike present-day nuclear reactors that produce energy by splitting atoms apart). Will fusion ever work? Dr. Isler, with many years of experience in plasma physics, will discuss the possibilities for this energy source - with emphasis on the next big, international fusion reactor, ITER.

Children's Program - Led by Mleeka Learn Houston and Dave Buck

RET's children are celebrating autumn with Lois Ehlert's, "Leaf Man," a tale about the beauty of autumn leaves, and Betsy Maestro's, "Why Do Leaves Change Color?" After the stories, children will take a leaf collecting walk and create their own leaf men and women.

Posted by pking
Oct. 14, 2008