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Friend, Buckner, New AA President!
Ed Buckner, friend and speaker on several RET occasions, has just been named President of American Atheists!

Friend, Ed Buckner, New AA President!

It makes us all feel good to know that such a caring, reasonable individual as Ed Buckner has been tabbed for this most important role - and at a time in our country's history where assertive and reasoned leadership will serve all of us well.

Our congratulations to Ed and to his wife, Diane, as they engage on this new journey.

Below is a letter recently issued by Ed.

- Phil King

Friends, family, neighbors, media, and

I have just signed a contract to become the latest in a distinguished line of powerful leaders, beginning with founder Madalyn Murray O'Hair, to lead, as president of American Atheists, the most forthright defense of the rights and reputations of Americans who lack religious beliefs. I hope to be worthy of the responsibility I have agreed to shoulder, and I am honored to have been given this chance.

Our defense of atheism will continue to be an assertive, logical, consistent one that acknowledges that we are in the minority in the U.S. It will also be one that strongly supports religious liberty for all, without regard to what religious beliefs any American holds or defends.

We will not retreat.

With regards to all (and love to many),

Ed B.
Ed Buckner
American Atheists

Posted by pking
Sept. 13, 2008