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Discuss "Happiness" - Jan 13 Book Club
RET Skeptic Book Club - "Stumbling on Happiness" - by Daniel Gilbert - Jan. 13, 2008 4:00 p.m. - Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Suburban - 8029 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN - Discussion led by Carl Westman

From Random House web site:

Why do we so often fail to know what will make us happy in the future?

What would you do right now if you learned that you were going to die in ten minutes? Would you race upstairs and light that Marlboro you've been hiding in your sock drawer since the Ford administration? Would you waltz into your boss's office and present him with a detailed description of his personal defects? Would you drive out to that steakhouse near the new mall and order a T-bone, medium rare, with an extra side of the really bad cholesterol? Hard to say, of course, but of all the things you might do in your final ten minutes, it's a pretty safe bet that few of them are things you actually did today.

Daniel Gilbert is the Harvard College Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He designed and taught a seminar in which his students read one chapter from this book every week (plus a few other readings) and then met to discuss it.

To obtain a study guide for “Stumbling on Happiness,” go to:


Posted by pking
Jan. 07, 2008