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Dec 16 - Wilkins on Lakoff
"George Lakoff's Theory of Framing and His Models of the American Family" - Homer Wilkins - December 16th, 2007, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. - Pellissippi State Technical Community College

George Lakoff, a University of California - Berkeley professor of linguistics, observed in the 1990s that facts don't win elections. The "frames" put around the facts are what win or lose elections. He then turned his expertise to the analysis of political language and published his theory and observations in a book entitled, "Moral Politics." This was followed in 2002 by, "Don't Think of an Elephant." He cites many examples of how "frames" are used in publications and speeches, especially by right-wing politicians. One of the elements of his theory is that in American society two distinctly different but powerful models of family structure and operation vie for control over many of our social processes (politics, education, religion, business, etc.).

In this program Homer will discuss briefly the theory and show how one of these models of the family is apparent in a college commencement address given by a high official of the George Bush administration. Then he will offer a brief version of a (hypothetical) commencement talk based on the other model.

Posted by pking
Dec. 11, 2007