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Dr. John Neff (UT) Speaks on Sunday
"The Beginning and End of It All: The Acute Inflammatory Response - or, Why Jane Lived, But Dick Didn't" - Aug. 19, 2007 4:00 p.m.

Acute Inflammatory Response is the least known of the major pathological processes – cancer, heart disease, genetic disease, etc – and yet the most important process in all of pathophysiology [medical students spend the better part of a semester in the second year looking at it…]; few of us would live out the month if we were not able to mount such a response; many of the complications of modern therapy result from the inadvertent diminution of the response; the path to all healing – whatever the initiation – must go through the acute inflammatory process. And…, many of the drugs coming on the market modify the response in one way of another.

Dr. Neff is Dean of Pathology at the University of Tennessee Medical School and will lead our discussion of this most important biological phenomenon.

He asks those attending to read some background material prior to his talk (Refer to item, below)

Posted by pking
Aug. 13, 2007