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Give Blood on May 3rd
Thursday, May 3rd (1st Thursday in May), is the 'National Day of Reason' - the same day as the 'National Day of Prayer.'

Noelle Cleverly is spearheading RET's participation in National Day of Reason - also, "Gift of Life Day," so dubbed by the Center for Atheism and The Rational Response Squad. Participating are Noelle, Dale Haste, Forrest Erickson, Dave Buck and perhaps others of our group. The idea is to go down to your local blood bank and GIVE BLOOD on May 3rd and then to log your contribution on the web site: atheistvolunteers.org.

Groups of atheists, humanists and freethinkers will go to blood banks in scores of U.S. locales to donate their blood and sign up for organ donation programs. It is a nationwide action which we hope will point out that there are alternatives to silently beseeching a diety to perform miracles. We urge our members, our friends and our neighbors to give a part of themselves for the benefit of humanity. We want to make a public statement about how people can observe the National Day of Reason (Gift of Life Day). On that day, you can engage in action that we can prove scientifically has real-life impact on our fellow citizens.

If you live in the Knoxville, TN, community, pick up a Metro Pulse this week and look for the RET ad on page 86.

And here is the schedule for the RET spot ads on radio station WUOT in Knoxville:
Mon 4/30/07 12.29:15pm
Mon 4/30/07 5.49:15pm
Tue 5/01/07 10.45:00am
Tue 5/01/07 12.48:30pm
Wed 5/02/07 8.49:45am
Wed 5/02/07 5.19:45pm
Thu 5/03/07 6.59:00am

Posted by pking
Apr. 29, 2007