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Survey - RET Meetings
Improving the Quality and Convenience of our Meetings

(Rationalists of East Tennessee (RET) needs your opinion on two important matters that could improve the quality and convenience of our meetings. Please respond to survey.)

More below:


Please forward your responses to:

Carl Westman (caw@toast.net) no later than April 30, 2007.

Your Name _______________ (optional)

Thank you for participating in our survey (below).

I. Provide Childcare at Meetings?

Some members may be missing meetings because they have no one to watch their children while they attend. Others may wish for their children to enjoy organized activities nearby, while they attend the meeting. We are thinking of creating a childcare area, adjacent to our meeting room, where young children would be supervised while playing games, watching educational videos, or creating art. A rotating group of RET parents and RET volunteers would staff the area. Note that volunteer staffers may not always miss the RET presentations, because Eric Richter makes many of them available on DVD.


1. If RET made a childcare option available, would you use it?
o [ ] Yes
o [ ] No
o [ ] Not Applicable

2. If you answered Not Applicable, would you be in favor of RET
establishing such an option?
o [ ] Yes
o [ ] No

3. If RET established a childcare area, would you be willing to be
part of a volunteer effort to help watch the children? (Check as
many as apply)
o [ ] Yes
o [ ] No
o [ ] Only if the session were available on DVD
o [ ] Only if there were enough volunteers so I didn't have to
do it too often. (Specify a maximum frequency below)

Any other comments/suggestions about this initiative?

II. Change Meeting Times?

RET may be able to increase the number of visitors and members attending by moving the meeting time of Philosophy Sundays and Roundtables to later in the day (still on Sunday). It is the understanding of the Board that several people have expressed interest in visiting RET, but our current schedule presents them with a time conflict. The Board understands that these people are committed secularists, though they may attend a Unitarian church or even another church (say, due to a desire to be with their theist spouse & family). Some of them are associated with the Oak Ridge Forum on Science and Religion, and are attracted by our scientific topics. We are only considering a change in meeting time, not in our values or beliefs. By rescheduling our meetings, we believe that we are more likely to attract visitors. In time, some of these visitors may become members. Also, the change in time may appeal to our own members, some of whom like to sleep in on Sunday morning and feel that our current meeting time seems "too much like church".


1. If RET moved its start time for Philosophy Sunday and Roundtable
to Sunday afternoons, would you:
o [ ] Still attend about as often as before
o [ ] Probably attend more often
o [ ] Probably attend less often If you answered "less often"
skip to question 3.

2. If you would attend as much or more often, which of these times
would you prefer?
o [ ] Socializing starts at 4:30 pm, program from 5 - 7 pm
[same as book club]
o [ ] Socializing starts at 3:30 pm, program from 4 - 6 pm
o [ ] Socializing starts at 2:30 pm, program from 3 - 5 pm
o [ ] Other (Use area for comments below)

3. If RET moved its start time for Philosophy Sunday and
Roundtable to Sunday afternoons, would you prefer that it only
be during times when there is still daylight when we adjourn
(such as summer), so as to avoid any nighttime campus safety issues?
o [ ] Yes - daylight hours only for Pellissippi State meetings
o [ ] No, doesn't matter

Any other comments/suggestions about this initiative?

Posted by pking
Mar. 16, 2007