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Oak Ridge Forum addresses Terrorism
The next meeting of the Oak Ridge Forum on
Religion and Science will feature Dr. Mark H. Waugh who will be presenting: "Taking Measure of Terrorism: The Calming of America"

The next meeting of the Oak Ridge Forum on Religion and Science is scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2006, In the A & B Room of the Oak Ridge Civic Center.

A social session is planned for 11:00 am, followed by a buffet lunch at 11:30 am catered by the Soup Kitchen. The cost of lunch and incidentals for this event is $9.00 per person.

Dr. Mark H. Waugh will be presenting: "Taking
Measure of Terrorism: The Calming of America"

Mark H. Waugh:
Mark H. Waugh, Ph.D. received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of North Carolina, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology from the University of Florida, completed internship training at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Dallas, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine. He is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology, a Fellow of the Society for Personality Assessment, and Co-Founder and President of the Southern Appalachian Society for Personality Assessment.

Dr. Waugh has worked in the Oak Ridge area since 1984, first with Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital, and then in private practice in the community. In addition to a general practice of evaluation and psychotherapy, he consults to security and law enforcement settings. Through NetGain Corporation, he performs psychological evaluations for the Protective Forces serving the Oak Ridge DOE reservation, and for the DOE at the Tonopah Test Range in Tonopah, Nevada. He is behavioral consultant to the hostage negotiations team for the Oak Ridge DOE Protective Forces. Dr. Waug

"Taking Measure of Terrorism: The Calming of America"

Terrorism is designed to strike fear in a population. The topic has been prominent in the media and on the mind since 9/11. Psychological and sociological aspects of terrorism will be surveyed with particular attention to contemporary terrorism affecting the United States. Impacts of terrorism will be identified, including psychological vulnerabilites of individuals and populations. Suicide terrorism and current thinking on extremist Islamist terrorism will be covered. Public health, psychological, sociological, and philosphical / spiritual points of view suggest a measured perspective on this difficult subject is more appropriate than may be apparent.

For lunch reservation or to remove or add an addresss reply to:

frs-oakridge@earthlink.net or phone 483-6752

Larry Dipboye
or Ldip@earthlink.net
865 483-6752

Posted by pking
Dec. 07, 2006