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5th Annual Virginia Creeper Bike Trip
Bike the Virginia Creeper, a rails-to-trails trip 19 miles from Whitetop to Damascus, Virginia, downhill all the way. First or second Saturday in November, and camping nearby is an option. Bikes for rent in Damascus. RSVP to padlrdie at gmail dottie commie.

It's almost that time of year again, time to bike the Virginia Creeper. This is a rails-to-trails trip 19 miles from Whitetop to Damascus, Virginia, downhill all the way. Really, honestly, downhill all the way. We buy a shuttle ride to Whitetop and then we coast down to Damascus, forcing ourselves to slow down and
look around. On the way, we see lots of pretty leaves, ride over pretty railroad bridges and the streams below, see pretty barns in pretty valleys, and have a pretty nice time. We camp at a state park overnight, but that's optional. If you want some slight (railroad grade) uphill for exercise, you could ride on past Damascus towards Abingdon, and then turn around and come back to Damascus and join us at the campsites. Two years ago four of us made a morning ride from Abingdon to Damascus, then met up with the others for the Whitetop-Damascus ride. Let me know if you're interested in that, as it means TWO shuttle reservations.

We've missed leaf color by going in mid October, but we've also hit it perfectly. This year is the first time to try it in November. There might be significantly more leaf litter on the trail (slick!). We can be sure that it will be cool to cold, so bring warm layers. (Ahem, Andy.) Snow is possible in the high elevations.

The ride will be on Saturday; you could get up early and be back in Knoxville in time for an RET meeting.

YOU DON'T HAVE FAT BIKE TIRES? If you have skinny little racing tires on your bike, you can rent a bike in Damascus. You can also rent things for your baby to bounce along in (Ahem, D&M L-H). I guess they look safe ... enough.

Send mail to padlrdie at gmail otday omcay if you're interested. I'll make reservations for bikes and space on the shuttle ride.

Posted by mjb
Sept. 01, 2006