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March 16 meeting of Oak Ridge Forum on Religion an
Professor Soren Sorensen, UT, Head, Physics Dept., to speak at next meeting of the Oak Ridge Forum on Religion and Science - Thursday, March 16th, 2006, in the Undercroft of St. Stephens Episcopal Church at 212 North Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge.


A social session is planned for 11:00 am, followed by a buffet lunch at 11:30 am catered by the Soup Kitchen.

Prof. Soren P. Sorensen will speak on "What is Everything Made of?"

He will describe the search for the ultimate building blocks of the world through the succession of steps like atoms, electrons and nucleons, elementary particles, quarks and leptons, and then (finally???) superstrings.

Posted by pking
Feb. 28, 2006