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Oak Ridge Forum on Religion and Science
Global Warming is the topic for the next meeting of the Oak Ridge Forum on Religion and Science is scheduled for Thursday, November 17th, 2005, in the A&B room of the Oak Ridge Civic Center at 11:00 a.m. ...

A social session is planned for 11:00 am, followed by a buffet lunch at 11:30 am catered by the Soup Kitchen, and then by the following event:

Dr. T. J. Blasing will speak on Global Warming: Hot Air and Cold Facts

There is much debate in political circles about the reality of global warming due to increasing concentrations of “greenhouse” gases, primarily carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. I will address four questions: (1) Are concentrations of radiatively active gases increasing? (2) Is the increase at least partially anthropogenic? (3) Is the near- surface temperature of the atmosphere increasing, and (4) is that temperature increase influenced by the increase in radiatively active gases. If time permits, I will discuss some problems with current emissions-reductions incentives and perhaps work in a bit of Native American religion at the end.

I have a PhD in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin with a minor in statistics. I have about 100 publications, including 1 in Science and 2 in Nature, on climate-related subjects. I have adjunct status in the geography department at UT, where I have taught meteorology and climatology courses. I have my 85 points and am working because I enjoy what I am doing. My recent work is on increasing the temporal and spatial resolution of fossil-fuel carbon dioxide emissions estimates, for use in numerical models of the global carbon cycle.

Spouses and friends are cordially invited. We will appreciate your sending the names and e-addresses of those who might be interested in attending.
The cost of lunch and incidentals for this event is $8.00 per person. We ask that you notify us by e-mail to rritchie16@comcast.net by Wednesday, November 16th, with the number in your party. Alternatively a phone call to 483-8998 with this information will be appreciated.

We are experimenting with a feature for our website at www.oakridgefrs.net; we will publish drafts of articles where the authors would appreciate comments.

Sam Hurst
R. H. Ritchie

Posted by pking
Nov. 11, 2005