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One More Hurricane Update
In an effort to stop bombarding our list with mail, I've put up a little Web site to collect information about hurricane relief efforts in Knoxville. Please keep your eye on http://rationalists.org/wiki/index.php for updates, of if you're in a position to provide information about relief opportunities and are comfortable making updates to a wiki, by all means do so. Also feel free to email info@rationalists.org to suggest updates.

In response to my last mailing, I received a request for volunteers to help interview evacuees. I'm pasting that below (it's also duplicated at the Web site). Please check the site periodically if you're interested in updates. I'll try to keep mailings infrequent.


I need caseworkers to help interview the evacuees. This requires attention to detail, printing legibly, staying calm in a sea of chaos., and simple addition and multiplication. (may bring small calculator if you like). One caseworker can process one client in 1-1.5 hours, depending upon the client's needs and the size of the family.

We will train tomorrow at 9:00 am at the Bearden Central Church at the corner of Kingston Pike and Deane Hill Drive.

If you can work Tuesday and/or Wednesday as well, it will be a very difficult day for everyone. We anticipate that this will go on for weeks.

If you can, bring a nametag with your first name written on it. A work ID will be OK if you can't manage a sticky paper one from the office supply store. Black ink pens. Patience.

Shirlee Grabko
Caseworker Supervisor
Union County Team Leader


Many thanks,

Daryl L. L. Houston
President, Rationalists of East Tennessee

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Posted by houston
Sept. 05, 2005