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RET Dinner Club
Hey All,

The RET Dinner Club is being resurrected! This isn't necessarily a miracle, but it is fun.

The dinners occur about every other month in a group member's home. That member cooks dinner for 2-3 other couples. The hosting is on a rotating basis, so you don't host but once a year, but you reap the benefits of having some great people over to your house for an evening of eating and conversation. It is a great way to really get to know your fellow group members.

If this sounds like a fun idea to you, JOIN! If you wish to join or have questions, send me an e-mail at brinksda@msn.com or call me at 681-9872. The first dinners will be scheduled for September or October at the latest.

Daniel Brinks
RET Fun Czar

Related Link: mailto:brinksda@msn.com

Posted by dbuck
Aug. 15, 2005