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Speak up for intellectual privacy
Please call your Representatives as soon as possible between now and
through Tuesday, June 14, to ask them to support the provisions of the
Freedom to Read Act (HR 1157) protecting library users and bookstore
customers from intrusions into their personal reading and purchasing
information by the FBI.

Enhanced powers were created for law enforcement by the USA PATRIOT Act in Section 215 giving greater access to business records of all types including personal reading and Internet access information in library records. More information about HR 1157 is at:

On Tuesday, June 14, Rep. Sanders will be offering the provisions of HR
1157 as an amendment to the Science, State, Commerce and Justice (SSCJ)
appropriations bill. This same strategy was used last year when Sanders'
effort passed - at first. Unfortunately, House leadership held the vote
open far longer than usual until enough arms were twisted for the vote to
become tied (210 to 210) - a tie vote defeating the amendment. Needless to
say, every vote from last year will be needed in this pending effort.

Debate on the SSCJ appropriations bill will start on
the House floor Tuesday morning. The Sanders amendment may come up later
that day with a vote late on Tuesday, perhaps, but less likely on Wednesday.

John Duncan (2nd district) 202-225-5435

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Posted by mjb
June 13, 2005