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Centennial of Einstein's Miracle Year
This year is the 100th anniversary of some of the most important scientific publications of all time, papers that Albert Einstein wrote and published in the journal Annalen der Physik in 1905. Einstein's papers covered three areas: the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, and Special Relativity. During this anniversary year AccessScience presents a series of three special essays by prominent contemporary scientists, the first two of which are now available (the third essay will be published later this month). The essays focus on how these theories were developed, the impact they created within the scientific community one hundred years ago, and their influence on the subsequent development of physics and science in general. Each essay is complemented by AccessScience articles providing in-depth background information, historical images, links to original papers, and more. Login instructions:

AccessScience is a subscription of Knox Co. Public Library. Go to http://www.knoxcounty.org/library, click "reference databases" on the left, and choose AccessScience. Enter your library card number.

On the AccessScience front page, find the blue box in the center panel, and click "New essay feature: Albert Einstein's Theory of Brownian Motion"

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Posted by mjb
June 13, 2005