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WUOT Underwriting Fund
This week, WUOT will start its spring membership drive. For those of you who regularly donate to WUOT, I'd like for you to consider donating to them through RET.

RET has set up a fund for donors who wish to earmark donations to RET for WUOT. 100% of these particular donations will be sent to WUOT as underwriting funds from the Rationalists of East Tennessee. WUOT then announces RET speakers or other events for us. The more underwriting money we send, the more announcements we get. (each announcement is ~$26)

So, if you plan to donate to NPR this year, please consider sending the money to RET and earmark it for WUOT underwriting. Both WUOT and NPR win this way and you can still write off the donation because RET is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

Checks can be made out to Rationalists of East Tennessee and sent to
P.O. Box 51634
Knoxville TN 37950.

Write a note on the check saying the money is for the WUOT underwriting fund. As mentioned, 100% of this money will go to WUOT.

Dave Buck,
Treasurer, Rationalists of East Tennessee

Posted by dbuck
Apr. 04, 2005