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Letter to Editor
Knoxville News-Sentinel - February 28th.
Scientific explanations detail cause of tsunami.
The Feb. 4 letter writer who thinks the tsunami tragedy was an act of God reminded me of people in Benjamin Franklin's day. Preachers in Boston used to warn people that lightning rods were thwarting God's will. Luckily, no people threw their rods away.

As with lightning, we have a scientific explanation for the tsunami: It was caused by an underwater earthquake.

The earthquake was the result of giant oceanic plates (the ground under the water) slipping and moving.

These plates move and shift from time to time, and there is evidence that they have done so for millions of years. This natural explanation is completely confirmable.

Additionally, science and reason led to a recommendation for protecting people from future tsunamis: Nations should work together to set up sensors that detect the underwater earthquakes and tsunamis and create a warning system.

Scientists will also work at understanding what causes the plates to shift and learn to better predict the quakes.

I hope the letter writer realizes that the scientific explanations and solutions are the smart ones and isn't recommending that we throw our lightning rods away.



Posted by dbuck
Mar. 09, 2005