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Letter to Editor
Knoxville News-Sentinel - March 6th
We'll look back sadly on today's antigay rhetoric.
I very much appreciate Sam Venable's forward thinking in his column, "Visionaries rarely are popular." Americans 20 or so years from now will be looking back in sad amazement at our antigay rhetoric of today.

I don't know why some people will not acknowledge the parallel that Venable draws.

Deeming interracial marriage — and some interfaith marriage — as unpopular in the '50s is an understatement. Politicians and the moral majority in those days were vehemently and vocally against recognizing such "abominations," to use a term of the times.

It's clearly a First Amendment issue. Churches and other organizations solemnize same-sex marriages and unions.

How is it the government's job to decide which churches are right and which ones are wrong? The anti-gay marriage amendment reeks too much of a "law respecting an establishment of religion."

Finally, I wonder if Venable might consider addressing the "traditional marriage" misdirection of some antigay activists in future columns. In the first centuries of our country, marriage was not based on two people in love like it is today.

Rather, marriage was the vehicle for men to find suitable women to produce and raise children while keeping the estate in order.

Times have changed for the better, and today, as enlightened Americans, we cannot fathom why folks would marry each other if they weren't in love.

If some of the antigay marriage folks would reflect on what they are saying, they'd realize the emptiness of their "protect traditional marriage" mantra.

Folks, gay or straight, marry for love. Who are we to make laws to not recognize this? People who truly care about marriages should examine the root causes of divorce and focus their efforts accordingly.

Sometimes promoting freedom and liberty is unpopular.

Here's to hoping others have the fortitude to stand up for the rights of minorities who are causing harm to none.



Posted by dbuck
Mar. 09, 2005