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We recently sent out the following notice. Please be advised that we will be tallying the survey results on Thursday, January 13. We have had some response but would like to see better member participation. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please take five minutes now and do so. Thanks!


In the interest of guiding RET's activities and energies in the direction the group at large would go rather than in the direction a few board members would go, the board has put together a survey that allows you to lodge an opinion on how RET's doing and what activities we should emphasize.

You should have received a copy of the survey in your latest newsletter, but it is also available online. Please submit only one survey. If you submit a paper survey, please don't fill out the online version (and vice versa).

We hope to have all surveys tabulated by mid-January. Results will be used to create an agenda for the January 23 membership meeting, which will serve the dual purpose of installing the new board and of discussing RET's priorities and direction. In order to vote in the election, you must have paid your dues for 2005 by or on the date of the meeting. Regular dues are $25, and student dues are $15 and can be submitted to Dave Buck, Daryl Learn Houston, or any other board member; they can also be mailed in. Mail will be checked the morning of the election, but dues must be delivered by (and not merely postmarked by) the date of the election in order to qualify you to vote.

Note that the survey provides the option of volunteering to help out with coordinating initiatives that you find appealing. Initiatives with the most volunteers will be weighted most heavily in the discussion; it makes little sense to discuss initiatives that we can't staff. We encourage you, therefore, not only to express an interest in activities, but also to volunteer to help out with them, if not to lead them.

The survey should take only a few minutes to fill out and can be found at http://www.rationalists.org/survey/index.php. We appreciate your taking the time to fill it out.

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Posted by houston
Dec. 29, 2004