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Darwin Day - new schedule!
Darwin Day schedule has been changed! Michael Shermer had to come a day early. So, now Darwin Day activities will be on Wednesday, February 9th AND Thursday, February 10th.

Shermer will arrive Tuesday night and if he gets in early enough, there may be a chance that RET members could get together with him (i.e., dinner, snacks, drinks, etc.) on Tuesday (Feb. 8) evening, or else breakfast Wed (Feb. 9) morning? I'll keep everyone posted when we find out his schedule.

Below is the schedule for the two-day Darwin Day.

Wed. Feb. 9,

Information booth, University center, 10am-2pm. [NEED VOLUNTEERS!!]

Morning talk 11am-12pm, Shiloh Room, University Center: Michael Shermer, The Science of Good and Evil: The Evolutionary Origins of Morality.

Keynote address 7:30-9 pm, 210 Alumni Memorial: Michael Shermer, Why People Believe Weird Things: Creationism, Holocaust Denial, and Beyond.

Thursday Feb. 10,

Information booth, University center, 10am-2pm.

Discussion on science and the media with Michael Shermer, 10 am room 223 in the University Center.

Documentaries (University Center 225 on Feb 10, 12-4:30PM)

* 12:00 Evolution: Episode 1, Darwin’s dangerous idea (NOVA/PBS), ~70 min

* 01:30 Evolution: Episode 6, The mind’s big bang (NOVA/PBS), ~70 min

* 03:00 Evolution: Episode 7, What about God? (NOVA/PBS), ~70 min.

If you are able to volunteer, contact Marc Cadotte mcadotte@utk.edu. And, the Darwin Coalition has asked if ANY of our members are able to help advertise the event, they greatly appreciate it.
Here are volunteer opportunities.

1. Distribution of flyers and posters around campus. This will occur two times during the week of Jan. 30. The coaltion also desires any suggestions or help in advertising in general. If anyone has ideas about advertising in our area, please contact Marc Cadotte.

2. Manning the University Center booth. This is where merchandise will be sold, and where questions from the public can be addressed. It is likely that volunteers in this area will be paired with a UT graduate student. Days are Wed and Thursday, Feb 9th and 10th. There are two time slots both days: 10 AM - noon, noon - 2 PM.

3. Showing videotapes in a room at the Univ. Center. Each video is a little over an hour long, and volunteers will have the opportunity to assist with a discussion period to follow. The schedule for the three videos is shown above.(This is where I'll most likely be helping out)

I'm a member of the organizing committee mself, so if you want further information, please let me know. I can be reached at hastede@y12.doe.gov


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Posted by dhaste
Dec. 08, 2004