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Camp Quest Update
We had a successful kick-off meeting and thought I’d share some of the notes with those who are interested.

We had a successful kick-off meeting and thought I’d share some of the notes with those who are interested.

1) Generate PR. We plan to take out ads in local newspapers in the beginning of 2005. We’ll also provide press releases to magazines such as the Humanist, Free Inquiry, Skeptic etc.. and other newspapers. When possible, we’ll make personal contact with editors and inquire about getting on their calendars or event lists and indicate we’d be happy to be interviewed for future articles. Carl is putting together a powerpoint presentation about Camp Quest that we can take to local UU churches to drum up interest. Finally, we will reach out to area freethought groups to see if they’ll mention us in newsletters and online boards.

2) Secure facilities and activities. Tremont has been booked. Aleta is looking into booking horseback riding and perhaps bicycling trips at Cades Cove ASAP. Lee is looking into Young Eagle airplane rides. Lee is also looking into having an astronomy club member present one night. We will soon make a very big effort to reach out to RET members and friends to volunteer their time by being presenters of interesting topics or leading fun activities. If you’re interested in leading a discussion or activity on things like photography, acting, poetry, philosophy, geology, scientific methods, social skills, crafts, biology, critical thinking, or ANYTHING, please let us know.

3) Coordinate with Camp Quest Classic. Aleta will contact the main Camp Quest coordinator in January and offer our support and willingness to work together in a larger PR effort.

The biggest thing you can do to help at this point is to help spread the news and get campers registered. Point folks to our website where they can click on the banner or go to www.rationalists.org/cq/index.php. Camp dates are June 5 through June 12 in 2005. The cost for the entire week is $570 per camper ($525 for each additional sibling).

The other big thing we really need are volunteers to present activities AND a we need a few more counselors. Please check if you have even a few days during that week in which you could spend with the kids as a counselor. We really have to have two adults of each gender there at all times. Some might only be able to be there part of the week so just doing it a few days might really help us.

If you have questions or suggestions or especially if you’re willing to help out, please contact Aleta at 865.982.8687 or aletaledendecker@earthlink.net

Sincerely, Dave Buck

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Posted by dbuck
Oct. 11, 2004