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The next meeting of the Oak Ridge Forum on Religion and Science is scheduled for Thursday, August 26th, 2004, in the A&B room of the Oak Ridge Civic Center ...

... A social session is planned for 11:00 am, followed by a buffet lunch at 11:30 am catered by the Soup Kitchen, and then by the following event.

Dr. Uri Gat will discuss " Ethics, Creation and Evolution - No Religion-Science Conflict."

There is a fundamental difference between religion and science which puts each of them in separate dimensions and excludes contact, let alone conflict, between them. Religion is based on absolute right and wrong (dogma), while science has no "truth", only "axioms" (hypothesis) to be "verified" or changed.

Ethics are based on divine distinction between right and wrong, and hence are absolute. Science's (present) "ethics" is "survival of the fit" - it is a motivation, not an imperative.

Creation is the act of a supreme being that endowed its creation with the ability to "know right from wrong", and follow the "word". For science "word" is (may be?) the proof (indication?) that understanding is not possible.

The full text of the subject is available on the FRS net site at www.oakridgefrs.net..

Dr Gat is a retired scientist from the staff of ORNL. He is a nuclear engineer by education and worked on the development of most any kind of nuclear reactor. He was born in Jerusalem amongst the stronghold of most of the "monotheistic" religions. He was exposed to their basics and indoctrinations, and faced the perceived conflict with science. He often tries to express the two in comparative and rational terms.

Spouses and friends are cordially invited. We will appreciate your sending the names and e-addresses of those of your acquaintance who might be interested so that we may send invitations to them.

The cost of lunch and incidentals for this event is $7.00 per person. We ask that you notify us by e-mail to rritchie16@comcast.net by Wednesday, August 25th, with the number in your party that expect to attend . Alternatively a phone call to 483-8998 with this information will be appreciated. Since the A& B room will serve only 60 people in a buffet lunch we encourage your early reservation.

We solicit your suggestions about topics and speakers for future meetings of the FRS.

Perhaps you have noted a new addition to the FRS website at www.oakridgefrs.net.on “Quotes” and a recent addition on “Recommended Readings.” Please jot down some of your favorites quotes and some books or articles that have turned you on. If you would like, please send “submitted by---------“ and send these to Josh at roswell321@hotmail.com.

G. S. Hurst
R. H. Ritchie

Posted by pking
Aug. 19, 2004