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RET Looking for a Projector
RET is considering acquiring a digital projector. Many of the presentations before our group involve computer graphics of one sort or another, such as Powerpoint presentations, making a projector a virtual necessity.

I am asking for a volunteer to spearhead the research involved with this acquisition. I know that Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. carry projectors for $1,000 and less. The RET Board of Directors will consider buying such an item, if nobody has one to donate or sell.

I think that this is an important capability for RET to have, so the RET Board will definitely be taking up the question of getting a projector, I just thought that some member might have particular knowledge, or might enjoy doing the research.

Please respond to this e-mail, or to dxq@y12.doe.gov if you'd like to volunteer.

Lastly, Massimo Pigliucci will be back visiting us July 18, and will deliver a presentation to us (more on that later). In case we haven't obtained a permanent projector by then, would someone be able to loan one for use that day? (Don't worry, we won't put any pressure on you to make the "loan" a "donation"!)

Dale Haste
President, RET

Posted by dhaste
June 03, 2004