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No Refreshments This Sunday
As a reminder to everyone, we won't be meeting in our usual location this Sunday, but rather will be in the Shiloh Room at the University Center. I know that many of the generous RET regulars often bring snacks to share, but, since the U. Center doesn't allow outside refreshments, I wanted to give everyone a heads-up not to do so for this event.

I probably won't make a general announcement to this effect at the meeting, but a group of us are going to plan on going to lunch with our guest speaker, Ellen Johnson, afterwards at the Copper Cellar on Cumberland Ave. I hope you can join us.

The University Center is located just to the northwest of Neyland Stadium. If you go to the link provided, and select 'Panhellenic Bldg.' before clicking on 'Display map', it will actually be more centered on the U. Center.

Hope to see you there,

Dale Haste
President, RET

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Posted by dhaste
Mar. 18, 2004