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Task Force on LGTBQ Issues

Who: The Knoxville Region of The National Conference for Community
and Justice (NCCJ)

What: A meeting of the Task Force on LGTBQ Issues

When: Thursday, March 18th, 2004, at 7pm

Where: Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church (2931 Kingston
Pike), in the Library (Call TVUUC at 523-4176 for directions.)

Etc.: Refreshments will be provided

Why participate in the Task Force for GLBT Issues?

1. Because GLBT issues are fast becoming central to the upcoming national elections, and the dangers of this unleashing intolerance and bigotry
against GLBT people, locally and nationally, are very real.

2. Because the gay marriage debate in national, state and local politics is an extremely complex issue that demands society face all its intracacies squarely.

3. Because GBLT issues affect our entire society, they require a broad, representative spectrum of society to address fairly and thoroughly.


1. Outreach, Education and Advocacy for local media, faith institutions,
business, educational, arts and political leaders, and community-based and non-profit groups and organizations.

2. Supporting an internet discussion group for our local community, where centralized resources can be found as well.

3. Working with the NCCJ's Interfaith Dialogue Committee to present one or
more forums on Religion and GLBT Issues.

4. Networking to coordinate efforts with other NCCJ regional offices across
the state and region on GLBT issues.

5. Supporting and enhancing the efforts of organizations within the local
GLBT community, through networking and co-sponsoring events, or as our time

6. Brainstorming other initiatives and priorities as we go.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who might be
interested in this work.

For more information, please contact Ed White at rochestah@comcast.net, or
call 523-3193.

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Posted by dbuck
Mar. 17, 2004