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Barry Lynn in Nashville
Is anyone interested in carpooling for this event in Nashville?

--Melissa (e-mail padlrdie@korrnet.org)

> Message: 1
> Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 19:44:59 -0600
> From: Charles H Sumner
> Subject: Early publicity - Barry Lynn at Scarritt-Bennett March 28
> Please notice that reservations, checks, and NAMES of those who wish
> to attend the luncheon at Scarritt-Bennett prior to the 1:30 talk must
> get to PO Box 210005 by March 11 in order for us to meet the minimum
> requirement to open the buffet line. Mark checks "lunch."
> ****************
> Please use this information to help publicize. Respond if you need a
> flyer to reproduce - or a quantity. Please invite others who need to
> hear this message.
> ****************
> Rev. Barry Lynn
> Executive Director, AMERICANS UNITED
> for Separation of Church and State, Washington D.C.
> 1:30 Sunday, March 28, Harambee Auditorium, Fundren Hall
> Scarritt-Bennett Center, 1018 19th Avenue South, Nashville
> free parking in lots off 18th and Grand
> Lynn may also touch on such issues as * religious liberty and
> tolerance * the confirmation of moderate Federal judges * forcing
> "creationism" to be taught as science * the takeover of public
> hospitals by religious groups * the "holy" war against public
> schools, gays, abortion and contraception providers
> * Faith-based initiatives * Tax monies for religious schools
> Challenges to the American tradition of church-state separation are
> growing throughout the country. The radical Religious right believes
> that it can ignore the Constitution, ridicule freedom of conscience and
> mock the democratic process but they're wrong!
> Barry Lynn is an attorney and ordained minister in the United Church
> of Christ who has dedicated his life to civil liberties. He has been the
> Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and
> State since 1992. Before joining AU, Mr. Lynn was legislative counsel for
> the American Civil Liberties Union, earned his law degree at Georgetown
> University in 1978, and his theology degree at Boston University in
> 1973. He has appeared on numerous news programs including the
> MacNeil-Lehrer Hour, Nightline, Crossfire, Meet the Press and Larry King Live.
> Nashville Chapter Americans United
> PO Box 21005, Nashville TN 37221
> President@Nashville-AU.org 646-9946
> Buffet lunch at Scarritt-Bennett 11:30-1; Lunch reservations, names,
> and $10 (mark check "lunch") now or before March 11 to above address.
> Co-sponsored by numerous community leaders and organizations
> including as of February 22: ACLU of Tennessee; Campus Freethought Alliance at
> MTSU; Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Social Action
> Committee; Interfaith Alliance of Middle Tennessee; Nashville Peace
> and Justice Center; National Organization for Women, Nashville Chapter;
> Scarritt-Bennett Center; War Resisters League.

Posted by mjb
Mar. 06, 2004