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Upcoming Book Club Selections

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Call for Book Club Suggestions
[From Book Club Coordinator John McCaffrey]

Members, please submit your suggestions for upcoming Skeptic Book Club discussions (Currently held at the Candy Factory, 10:30-12:30, 2nd Sunday of the Month). You can submit as many suggestions as you want, but please
revisit the RET Website to review the 'rules', i.e. avoid books that are too lengthly, etc. I would also recommend that we avoid books that are too costly (over $30 perhaps). If you are really set on a book, see if there is a 'reader' or condensed version of costly hardcovers that we can substitute, like we did this past summer with the industrial ag book.

Books will be selected for the April thru October period. Let's try to keep to the following schedule:

1. Submit all suggestions in the next 2 weeks (no later than Jan 28th)

2. I will compile information, check reviews, etc. and send out another email by Feb. 1st., and will also distribute at the regular meeting Sunday Feb. 1st for those who do not have email access. The list will give authors, topic summary, etc. for you to vote on.
3. Votes will be accepted until Friday, Feb. 6th. I'd prefer 'yes' votes only, with a ranking if you have more than 6 that you like.
4. I will compile results and publish the spring/fall calendar to be distributed on Feb. 8th at the next book club meeting.

Contact information:
Reply to me at john@manorroadglass.com, or call me at 865-414-6998.

Please leave a message on my voice mail if I don't answer.

Thanks! See you at Book Club.

Posted by houston
Jan. 15, 2004