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The RET board wishes to develop a working relationship with the chapter of the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ), but we need help. We’re looking for member(s) who wish to attend NCCJ forums/meetings and serve as RET liaison(s).

First, here’s some background on NCCJ:

- Their mission statement enumerates the goals of fighting bias, bigotry, and racismin the area and promoting "understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education."

- They have sponsored anti-racism programs for K-12 students through their "Walk as One Walk-a-thon" and hold an annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner.

- Forum topics include: “Interfaith responses to racism” (Oct. 2nd); “One season, Many Holidays” (December 4th); and “Diversity within groups”, (Feb 5th). Forums meet at 12:00 at the
Pellissippi state community college, Magnolia Ave Campus.

- The NCCJ also raised a strong voice in opposition to the recent god resolution and was instrumental, along with members of RET, in forcing that resolution to be tabled.

As a minority group of non-supernaturalists in an area decidedly unfriendly to our particular minority, RET would benefit from working with the NCCJ. Among programs on the horizon for the local chapter is one focusing on interfaith dialogues, and the NCCJ has expressed an interest in having the non-religious perspective represented. This is a group that can help us teach that one can be moral and kind without religion. And it is a group that has already proven itself sympathetic to our desire to retain our civil liberties and worldviews, whether or not its members subscribe themselves to those worldviews.

Unfortunately, many of the NCCJ's meetings take place during the work day, and no board member has yet been able to commit to act as a liaison between the NCCJ and RET. We anticipate that a liaison's duties would include maintaining contact with a local representative of the NCCJ, keeping them informed about events of ours that might interest their broader membership, and would include keeping RET's board and membership informed about NCCJ events. Ideally, a liaison would be prepared to attend occasional meetings and perhaps even to address the NCCJ, as at an interfaith discussion.

There are many opportunities to help RET thrive that do not require a time- or work-intensive commitment, and this is one of them. The board encourages any member who would like to promote the flourishing not only of RET, but of the broader community, by bridging these two important community organizations to volunteer. More information about the NCCJ is available at www.nccj.org (national) and www.korrnet.org/nccj (local chapter).

If anyone is interested, please contact any member of the board by email at board@rationalists.org, or call 539-3006.

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Posted by houston
Dec. 02, 2003