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Next Meeting: Happy Birthday Ingersoll

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IMPORTANT! New location for the book club

We are changing the location of the book club to the Candy Factory. The day will be the same (second Sunday, which means next meeting on 12/14), but the time shifts to the usual for RET meetings (social at 10, meeting at 10:30).

This means all RET meetings will be at the same location/time, on the first, second, and third Sunday of every month. Easy to remember!

As a plug for the next book, "Better then Well," it is an easy and captivating reading on the fundamental questions of the use (and misuse) of "enanchement technologies" and on the very concept of self-identity.

Hope to see ya at the discussion on the 14th!

Rationally yours,

Posted by mpigliucci
Nov. 26, 2003