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Next Meeting: 1st Sunday

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God Clause in Knox County!
The Knox County Commissioners are considering a resolution proclaiming `God as the Foundation of Our National Heritage'. We must act quickly! See additional text for phone #s

According to the News-Sentinel, Commissioner Pinkston joined three of his colleagues as a co-sponsor of the resolution. The others are Ivan Harmon, Scott Moore and Mark Cawood.

RET needs to act NOW!!

I highly recommend e-mailing your commissioners knoxcom@esper.com and telling them you don’t want them voting for this resolution. Maybe remind them that the resolution is clear grounds for an expensive lawsuit. The ACLU is considering legal action against Greene county for this exact resolution. And, remember that the ACLU has won suits in TN over posting of the 10 commandments. They’ll win this too and the Knox county taxpayers will suffer.

I also recommend writing letters to the News Sentinel editor at letters@knews.com.

Most importantly, I believe the commissioners are going to vote November 17th. We need to show our faces at this meeting. If you’re interested in organizing as a group, please e-mail me at dave.buck@charter.net and we can begin strategizing.

The County Commission isn’t a church. It isn’t an historical society. It is government and they should stick to government business!!! There are many more arguments and I hope they all can be made and shared.

For more information on your commissioners, go to http://www.knoxcounty.org/commission/index.html
Check out the district map and the directory to find out who your serves as your commissioners and for phone numbers or addresses.

District 1, Diane Jordan, Vice-Chair 2140 Dandridge Ave., 37915 524-8184(h) 215-2534(o)
District 1, Thomas Strickland 2812 Gardenia Drive, 37914 540-4005(h) 215-2534(o)
District 2, David Collins, Chairman 1221 Snowdon Drive, 37912 689-5471(h) 544-2000(o)
District 2, Billy Tindell 2326 N. Park Blvd., 37917 522-1137(h) 522-3448(o)
District 3, Wanda Moody P.O. Box 50863, 37950-0863 690-2766(h) 215-2534(o)
District 3, Ivan Harmon 5304 Conway Circle, 37921 584-3286(h) 215-2534(o)
District 4, John Schmid 1636 Lyons Bend Drive, 37919 588-3112(h) 215-2534(o)
District 4, Phil Guthe 7628 Twining Drive, 37919 693-4177(h) 687-8510(o)
District 5, Mike Arms P.O. Box 23893, 37933-1893 966-7912(h) 215-2005(o)
District 5, Craig Leuthold 1320 Zachary Taylor Road, 37922 694-8671(h) 215-2534(o)
District 5, John Griess 12110 Turkey Creek, 37922 966-3311(h) 637-3770(o)
District 6, Mark Cawood 7541 Beaver Ridge Road, 37931 690-3250(h) 215-2534(o)
District 6, Larry Stephens P.O. Box 1707, Powell 37849 947-4635(h) 215-2534(o)
District 7, Mary Lou Horner 7100 E. Chermont Circle, 37918-5508 922-3001(h) 215-2534(o)
District 7, Scott Moore 7501 Quarry Road, 37938 922-7926(h) 215-2534(o)
District 8, Michael McMillan P.O. Box 3666, 37917 933-0300(h) 215-2534(o)
District 8, John Mills 9606 Asheville Hwy, Straw Plains 37871 933-9618(h) 215-2534(o)
District 9, Larry Clark 7605 Pennyroyal Drive, 37920 573-7847(h) 215-2534(o)
District 9, Howard Pinkston 104 E. Lake Forest Circle, 37920 577-9058(h) 215-2534(o)

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Posted by dbuck
Nov. 10, 2003