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New location/time for book club?

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Barnes & Noble has cancelled their "outreach" program, including all their book clubs. While they haven't told us to get out of the store, they are not providing any support.

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At dinner last night we have talked about some possible alternatives, and I'd like to get a sense of people's preferences, before we go ahead and commit to a new location/time, beginning with the December 14 meetings.

Briefly, some of the alternatives, with pros/cons:

1-UT library (but we need to check if we can reserve space; campus access is usually limited).

2-Downtown library (currently my favorite, but it would mean earlier meetings, since it is open 1-5 on Sundays).

3-People's houses, on rotation (but few people can host, also not a public place).

4-Coffee houses (but we've tried that before, not easy for a large group like ours).

5-Candy Factory (advantage of having all our meetings there, but it would have to shift to 10am...).

5-Restaurants (same problem as coffee houses, plus I don't think having dinner around a large table is conducive to discussion).

Please, let me know your thoughts asap (this week!) at skeptic@rationallyspeaking.org


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Posted by mpigliucci
Nov. 10, 2003