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New location/time for book club?

Barnes & Noble has cancelled their "outreach" program, including all their book clubs. While they haven't told us to get out of the store, they are not providing any support.

At dinner last night we have talked about some possible alternatives, and I'd like to get a sense of people's preferences, before we go ahead and commit to a new location/time, beginning with the December 14 meetings.

Briefly, some of the alternatives, with pros/cons:

1-UT library (but we need to check if we can reserve space; campus access is usually limited).

2-Downtown library (currently my favorite, but it would mean earlier meetings, since it is open 1-5 on Sundays).

3-People's houses, on rotation (but few people can host, also not a public place).

4-Coffee houses (but we've tried that before, not easy for a large group like ours).

5-Candy Factory (advantage of having all our meetings there, but it would have to shift to 10am...).

5-Restaurants (same problem as coffee houses, plus I don't think having dinner around a large table is conducive to discussion).

Please, let me know your thoughts asap (this week!) at skeptic@rationallyspeaking.org


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Posted by mpigliucci
Nov. 10, 2003