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Support Nonreligious military counselors

Joe Beck, Director of Humanist Counseling and Celebrations of the Council for Secular Humanism wrote is asking for our help.

Mr. Beck wrote an excellent article in the latest summer addition of the Secular Humanist Bulletin, "Ending discrimination against the nonreligious in the military" Vol. 19, No 2. In it, he outlines the extreme disadvantage that military nonbelievers and their family have when it comes to counseling. Currently, the Council is offering free services and inspirational literature to members of the military and families but this is not enough.

Mr. Beck asks that people write a letter in support of his proposition that the military include nonreligious counselors. Letters should be e-mailed to him at jbeck@centerforinquiry.net or mailed to him at Council for Secular Humanism, P.O. Box 664, Amherst, N.Y. 14226 by September 15, 2003. Below is a sample letter that he created. This is your chance to act rather than passively complain later.

Dear President Bush,

Patriotic, nonreligious Americans represent about 14 percent of the American population and proudly serve in all branches of the military, yet they receive no recognition or support. Religious soldiers have their faiths represented by paid Military Chaplains and our military provides faith-based support to captured Al Qaeda terrorists. I am requesting that you rectify the current preferential treatment given to religious members of the armed Services by establishing a corps of secular humanist counselors, at the same rank as chaplains, to provide support to nonreligious soldiers, veterans, family members, and their religious comrades if they desire these services.

Respectfully submitted by


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Posted by dbuck
July 23, 2003