Camp Quest of the Smoky Mountains
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The 500,000-acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 1,400 kinds of flowering plants.
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Camp Quest of the Smoky Mountains is run and staffed primarily by members of the Rationalists of East Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that supports free inquiry and critical thinking about the nature of the universe and human societies, emphasizes the importance of the scientific method, and explores ethical and intellectual alternatives to supernatural belief systems. Accordingly, we seek to provide opportunities for like-minded children to have fun, learn, and engage in humanist fellowship.

Meals are prepared by the trained Tremont staff, who also lead wilderness and survival worshops as time permits. Criminal background checks are performed on all Camp Quest counsellors before they are allowed to interact with children.

We welcome tax-deductible contributions and are happy to consider offers to help out by being a counsellor or leading a workshop.